Timber :a natural, renewable, non-polluting and bio-degradable product; a living raw material with great diversity in structure, density, colour and technical features. An important characteristic of timber is that it is the most environmentally friendly construction and building material. Timber is a product of a completely renewable resource..
With an experience of over 20 years behind us, our company has been mainly engaged in the designing business for various timber & timber finished products. Seeing the growing and ever changing consumer demands, we have expanded our product base to a wide variety of species ranging from South African Based Eucalyptus Salligna..Malaysian based Kapur..Panama based Teak & Mora..etc..

      Sudima Panels Co., Ltd.  
100% owned by Sudima International Pte. Ltd., Singapore. The manufacturing facility is established in 2008 for production of Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Solid Doors, Finger Jointed Boards, Edge Glue Panels.
Provide for the harvesting of a sustainable supply of wood to maintain and encourage a healthy timber industry and meet community demands in a manner which will conserve the natural environment.
Maintain or improve the productive capacity of native forests available for hardwood timber production .
Deliver customer satisfaction with good quality product and competitive pricing.
Area 15,000 Sq Mtr
Workers 400
Capacity 1000 CBM of finished products (Approx 25 Containers Per Month)
Species Rubberwood, FSC Gmelina, FSC Eucalyptus, Plantation Teak, American Hardwood.
Markets USA, Japan, Europe, China, India and Other market.
Looking forward for more global centers.
Finger Joint/Butt Joint: We have 4 finger Joining line which can make Boards upto 5.80 mtr in length and 1.25 mtr wide and 75mm thick board with various species like Rubberwood, Pine, Hard Maple, Acacia.
      Kitchen Cabinet Doors/Drawer Fronts/Face Frames/Vanity/ RTA Cabinet : We have facilities to manufacture Kitchen Cabinet Doors and accessories with customers specs as well as our own Designs.  
      Table Tops: We make various kind of Table top with solid wood in various species.  
      Components: Our manufacturing facility is geared to take various kind of components as per customer specification.  
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