Chairman's Speech  

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce The LNJ GROUP to you.
The group has its roots and origin dating back to 1918 when Shri. Brijlal Jhunjhunwala started operations with trading in textiles from South-east Asia. I also received valuable guidance from my two elder brothers, which enabled me to start my own company in the year 1987.

Since then our group has enjoyed phenomenal growth and is now a group with net worth in excess of US$ 200 million.
Our group has accepted the challenges and met them head on with all its ambitious business diversification plans. We diversified our group activities in Manufacturing, Service Industry, Property Development, Trading, Trade Finance and the likes, spanning across the globe.
All these year, one thing that has helped us grow to become a major player in all our business activities is the total support, cooperation and loyalty conferred by our valued customers, suppliers, bankers and our employees.
Without their trust on us our attempts would not have materialized. Our customers have been appreciative of the honesty and integrity in all our dealings. We take care to protect interests of our customers through our professional management and uncompromising honesty. This has also helped us reinforce our goal of "Total Customer Satisfaction".
Today our reputation and growth potential we have been able to recruit the best talents to ensure the consistent achievement of our goal.
In closing, I would like to reiterate that our group is committed to do its best in bringing prosperity and goodwill to all its members and I hope that we can work with you to achieve this goal.

      Warm regards,
Laxmi Niwas Jhunjhunwala,
Chairman, Sudima International Pte Ltd.
      Managing Director's Message  
Our Vision..To offer our clients tremendous versatility in providing comprehensive services to meet any customized need.

Our Goal..To exceed our clients' expectations.To provide quality products and services in all product categories with special thrust on Timbers, through a profitable and growing organization which exceeds aspirations of all the clients and contributes to Global Development and Welfare of the Society.

About Company..Sudima International Pte Ltd. is a part of Sudima group of Companies since 1918. Sudima Group has diverse business interest in trading, forest plantations, textile business, hotel industry, pharmaceuticals etc. The Company has an excellent market network across the globe in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong,Combodia, Vietnam, South Africa, India etc. with its Head office located in Singapore.
      Warm Regards,
Anil Jhunjhunwala,
MD, Sudima International Pte Ltd.
Collaboration, by internally and externally fostering good communications, open decision-making and teamwork.
Building on the enthusiasm of our team, by involving and supporting on different skills and backgrounds.
Avoiding duplication, by good management and co-ordination to maximise economy of effort.
Promoting access,, taking advantage of strategic alliances, and by promoting appropriate prices, content and media to meet the needs of users worldwide.
Ensuring quality, by being open and responsive to criticism, applying advances in methodology, and developing systems for quality improvement.
Continuity, by ensuring that responsibility for reviews and key functions is maintained and renewed.
Enabling wide participation in the work of the collaboration by reducing barriers to contributing and by encouraging diversity.
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